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Academy for Family Empowerment, Inc. is a state approved vendor with the Department of Family and Children Services. Since 2003, AFE has partnered with Department of Family and Children Services to provide family preservation and reunification services. The goal of our DFCS program is to prevent child abuse/neglect and to build healthy families. Academy for Family Empowerment’s Family Preservation Program provides supportive and therapeutic services to families involved with the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). AFE serves all of metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.

Program Goals:

  • To ensure the protection and safety of a child at risk for maltreatment;
  • To reduce child abuse/neglect;
  • To reunify children in foster care with their families;
  • To provide supportive services, decreasing the likelihood of ongoing incidents of abuse/neglect.

Services Provided:

  • CPS and Family Preservation Services
    • Early Intervention Services
    • Parenting/ Parent Aide Services
    • Homestead Services
  • Wraparound
    • Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment
    • Transportation Services
    • Supervised Visitation Services
    • Behavioral Aide Services
    • In Home Intensive Treatment
    • In Home Case Management
    • Crisis Intervention-Prevent Disruption
    • Crisis Intervention-Behavioral Management
    • Court Appearance Testimony
  • Assessments
    • Home Evaluation Report
    • Parental Fitness Assessment
    • Domestic Violence Assessment
    • Substance Abuse Assessment
    • Anger Management Assessment
    • Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA)
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